back to article Microsoft UK NTO leaves to spend more time with IT policy

Is it something in the air? Microsoft UK national technology officer Jerry Fishenden is jumping ship to spend more time with his family, his doctoral research and UK technology policy. Fishenden has worked for Microsoft since 1997, and has held the NTO post since 2004, along with being a Senior Visiting Fellow at the London …


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Anonymous Coward

I've worked with him.

I remember I turned up at NHS Botley without my laptop, (my kids had taken it from my bag.) He just sighed, but that was nothing compared to the email I got eight months later from the CEO, which said "Be a twat with me and you will lose."

He's a good lad, though like all microsoft staff, they think every piece of software produced should have the potential to scale in functionaly to solve any problem, even ones it wasn't intended for. The word bespoke becomes quantumly invisible once you pass through the doors at TVP.

My guess is he'll have a job instantly. I'd give him a reference for any strategy role.


There's a first for everything, I suppose

Most people above level 65, who leave Microsoft, tend to quote an urgent desire to spend much LESS of their day, having to grease palms with "senior elites and influencers around the political scene", as one of their primary reasons for jumping ship. Mind you, even right now, Westminster is a much more sincere, honest and happier 'political scene' than you'll find within much of Microsoft!

Shows how long he has been burried in the hive mind, that he can quote those sorts of reasons, with any kind of positive spin, however.


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