back to article HP leads pack with Istanbul iron

Server maker Hewlett-Packard advanced to the pole position in the x64 server race this morning as it launched a slew of new iron, some using Advanced Micro Devices' new six-core "Istanbul" Opterons 2400 and 8400 series processors announced yesterday and others rounding out the new ProLiant and BladeSystem machines that came out …


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That 4-in-1 server box isn't hot swappable, unfortunately so if you want to remove a "blade" from it you need to take down all 4 nodes.

Also I'm excited about the DL165G6 because it has optional, factory-integrated 400W redundant power(the option is buried deep in the spec sheet). Not field upgradable, but better than nothing. We were/are looking at the Dell 1435 for some things though the DL165G6 blows it away in better management(1435 has shit for management), hot swap drives(Dell lacks this), as well as the redundant power option.

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Correction to your article

Timothy Prickett Morgan,

"Unlike the custom boxes made by Dell's Data Center Services (DCS) unit (see and here for examples) or IBM's iDataPlex machines....

FYI. As of January the IBM iDataPlex is a generally available System x product. It is not a custom box.


Gregg McKnight

IBM Corporation

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