back to article Apple plugs QuickTime and iTunes flaws

Apple has released updates for QuickTime and iTunes designed to plug multiple security vulnerabilities. The updated version (7.6.2) of QuickTime, released on Monday, addresses security bugs that create a possible mechanism for hackers to pwn either Macs or Windows PCs after tricking users into opening booby-trapped movie or …


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thank you Apple for blocking OGG proposal in HTML5 .... that could possibly eliminate need for Quicktime (on sites like SFGATE.COM) and AdobeFlash everywhere else in the near future



Isn't this the same thing they try to fix every month?



removing mobile support after installing this update reset my pc. not particularly nice. seems to be working okay now though

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Oi! ElReg!

Quit using the word "pwn". It was invented by retarded internet forum/chat types too stupid to spell "own" or too lazy to correct their typing. It is a word from the very shallowest part of the gene pool, and should be confined to history as - at best - a fatuous meme. It most certainly is not suitable for a journal, online or not, light-hearted or not.


And what of the other bits that broke in the 10.5.6 to 10.6.7 upgrade...

... like MIDI Out stopping working for no apparent reason ?

There's a big buzz of miscontent on the DenonDJ forums at the moment regarding certain bits of audio equipment that have stopped working properly after the upgrade to 10.5.7

Over all, there's one single conclusion that aggravated expensive-kit owners have come to :

"Perhaps Apple needs to undo what they broke. (which is MIDI out)"

Realistically, we have two choices. Either we :

a. wait for Apple to fix the problem....


b. revert back to 10.5.6 (which is what people are doing)

I'm going to hold off for the time being and hope that in this patch they sneaked in a fix, but the dump-everything and 'upgrade' to previous version is becoming increasingly attractive...

Apple... It Just Works *

( * : except when it doesn't )

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but but but ....

i thought that macintosh was supposed to be perfect !!!

This shatters all my illusions !!!!

i wonder if mac phreak has a day off ???

just wondered why he hasnt posted

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@The Dark Lord

"Quit using the word "pwn". [...] It is a word from the very shallowest part of the gene pool, and should be confined to history as - at best - a fatuous meme."

Hear hear, and if we are going to open this can of worms, the use of "own" is pretty shallow too. It means "steal" and was presumably coined by sociopaths who didn't want to admit that their "fun" was at someone else's expense.

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