back to article UK chases Obama on cybersecurity

Security and intelligence officials plan to publish a UK version of Barack Obama's cybersecurity and defence review before the summer Parliamentary recess, according to sources close to the work. The US announced its new strategy on Friday following an intensive 60-day investigation of vulnerabilities in government and the …


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Go on ....Give us and the US a clue.

"A Cabinet Office spokesman declined to discuss progress on the strategy or who was in charge of it."

How very wise ...... and a fertile ground for red herrings and rotten apples too? Is this the new Transparent Government Approach we have been Promised? Nice one, Gordy. IT is as Clear as Mud.

They do say that a leopard cannot change its spots, so what do you think you can expect of all of the Gravy Train Cooks in the Cabinet Office, the Home Office, the intelligence services and the Ministry of Defence.

Was there a Contract put out to Tender, or is it an inhouse, slushy off the books freebie, for those with a funny handshake?

The Cyber Environment is not a Real World Playground, and it has Altogether a Completely Different Set of Rules to Ignore in Order to Guarantee Success, and therefore it is most unlikely* to be Led by Anything other than the Private Pirate Sector, Astutely Sub Contracting to Novel Public Sector Needs with Innovative Virtual Feeds.

* as in Never Ever.


I really hope that...

Crapita don't get anywhere near it.

amanfromMars is too close for comfort with the funny handshake.


Are we supposed to take this seriously?


The UK want to try and 'keep up' with the Pentagram and the incompetent, intelligence challenged, peanut eating village idiots who couldn't even set a password on Internet facing systems.

Maybe we should offer Gary McKinnon to the US as a UK MoD 'security consultant' instead of extraditing him. The DoD should learn to walk before trying to run, how about setting a password on a windows machine for their first class?


Laughing loudly ....

"It's understood that UK officials are now keen not to be seen to be lagging behind their counterparts in Washington."

Phorm watchers will appreciate the irony of that.

Other than that, amanfromMars could teach HMG a thing or two about clear thinking on these issues.

Hmm ... Downing Street petition anyone?

IT Angle


National CyberSecurity To Do List.

1- Encrypt HDD's

2- Stop leaving the laptop in the car

3- Stop use of USB's

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Re Laughing loudly .... and teaching HMG a thing or two .... Posted Monday 1st June 2009 14:19 GMT


When using MI5 Internet channels ..... and their web site contact facilities are primitive to say the least [one would almost imagine that they are frightened of contact, lest they actually have to reply] ... it does require an active working brain between the ears of whoever receives a message, whenever it is sent, to give them any chance of learning anything.

Maybe the mistake that can be easily made, is that one assumes a greater general level of intelligence commensurate with a general perception that they are brighter than the average John or Jane Doe.

The following certainly appears to gone in one ear .....through a void .... and out the other ear, without any apparent action being taken.

"It is said that to be Forewarned is to be Forearmed. And I see no Credible Evidence, anywhere, of there being an Effective Protection against Hostile and Malicious CyberIntelAIgent Threat and/or Virtual Action. And that is a Global Systems Vulnerability which it would be as well to Seal and Secure against with AI and a Special Forces Program/Stratospheric Cloud Project. ..... which can be Conveniently SurReally Provided with NIRobotIQs ..... which ProActively BetaTest Supposedly Secure and Sensitive Compartmentalised Information Environments.

Quantum Communications BetaTest #XXXX .... Please Advise Accordingly MIControl. There is a lot to be done. Thank You " ...... which was sent 30th April 2009.

Bring back, George Smiley and John le Carre, is all that I will say, for a better class of Spook.

Although maybe their communications is hacked by a foreign and/or friendly power and some messages are spirited away? Stranger things have happened at sea and with/to C, resulting in Shortcomings.

And the Cabinet Office Strategy Unit is even worse but easily beaten by the Scarlett mob who fail magnificently in the HyperRadioProActive Stakes. [Their earlier Internet presence/website did have a virtual contact facility, but that disappeared some time ago. Now it is everything at the speed of a snail carrying mail.]

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