back to article Is there an easy way to root access on a Linux netbook?

I recently bought an Acer Aspire One and have been trying to get my 3 mobile broadband modem to work with it. The dongle (ZTE MF622) is seen as a mass-storage device. I've surfed the web and found a solution: However, I can't get over a …


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Prefix your commands with 'sudo'.

So if you typed 'nano /usr/etc/filename', this time type 'sudo nano /usr/etc/filename'

You'll be asked for the password you created when you set the AA1 up in the first place. Sudo will them give you root access on a temporary basis.

For more on this, have a look at Reg Hardware's Linux for Netbook Newbies series here:



kinda vague, what version of linux are you running? are you even using linux? or a BSD variant?

What does dmesg say when you plug the thing in? does it automatically mount when plugged in?

having said all of that... if it's a root acsess problem and your using ubuntu (or something similar)then get yourself to a command line (or a "run program" type thing) and type in "gksudo gedit", you'll be asked to type in your password and then you should be able to write to /etc/udev/

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File Creation

ALT+F2, 'sudo nautilus' and 'run as console' should do it. Then just navigate to where you want to create the file and create it.

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You'll find this of interest

The excellent Andy Stanford-Clark has written about unlocking the 3 3G dongle and getting it working on Ubuntu here:

He's a very helpful chap and I'm sure can give you any further advice you need.

(Plus the Reg should write about his twittering automated house sometime)

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