back to article Sony Ericsson rolls out Wii-style gaming phone

Sony Ericsson has unwrapped a gaming-focused phone with Wii-like motion-sensing technology. It also introduced a second handset, with PlayStation 3 support. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from Yari’s been described as the first "gesture gaming" handset available outside of Japan. Based on …


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So now I'm going to have to wear a crash helmet on the bus while these young folk fling their handsets at me.

Be nice to see that advert re-done in a real world environment where there ain't enough room on the bus to swing a flea and then in another scene some young hoody pulls out a knife and steals your phone from you. And then the disaproving looks from the old folk.

I love marketing bullshit.



"All the standard music features..."

Oh, that would include a standard 3.5mm headphone socket then? You really can't get much more of a standard music feature than the ability to plug in a pair of headphones

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re: headphones

No 3.5mm socket: pictures elsewhere on the web (sorry El Reg!) confirm just the poxy wide connector - once again plonked annoyingly on the side.

Bizarre, as SE launched a <£50 cheapo in the UK (model number anyone?) to compete with the Nokia 1100's of this world, and it comes with a 3.5mm socket on the top!

Imagine if your car didn't allow you to put a petrol pump nozzle unless you had some weird adapter tube: you'd never buy one. And so, no SE's for me until the muppets put a headphone socket on their 'music' phones!


headphone adaptor not a problem!

We've had the V800, K850, W880 and most recently the C905.

I like the fact that the adapter/charger socket is on the side and not the bottom.

they sit better in my pocket that way!

As the handsets come with the 3.5mm adapter anyway, 'where's the beef'?

A more serious issue is WHERE'S THE PSP HANDSET?!?!

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