back to article Intel: Nehalem EP ramp is steep

As part of its preview of its "Nehalem EX" processor for high-end servers yesterday, Intel cushioned the blow in delaying this chip by showing how well its baby brother, the "Nehalem EP" chip for two-socket boxes, was doing in the market. Boyd Davis, general manager at Intel's Server Platforms Group marketing, said that …


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Slowly but Surely IT's getting there* ...... for a Powerful Deeply Embedded Development.

"All point-to-point interconnects being equal (that would be HyperTransport versus QPI), I smell a price war with lots of skirmishes."

Roll on the first SMARTer Processor Architecture to Automatically recognise Programming across IT Cores which can Increase its Bang for Bucks and Deliver More for Less. A Default which is presently relegated to Programmers who would arbitrarily choose to choose sides just because they can and/or are well rewarded for their Fab Application Build Skills.

* Or IT Development Programmers are.

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