back to article Nokia N97 successor revealed?

Juicy specifications for Nokia’s potential successor to the N97 smartphone have been leaked online. Reportedly internally referred to as the N900, Rover and Maemo Flagship, a Nokia mole - who spoke to website MobileCrunch - said that although the smartphone's similar to the N97, it boasts several notable improvements and …


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" ... Nokia mole claimed the N900 smartphone will hit Europe in October ... "

A) They didn't say which October

B) They might want to get the N97 out into the street first before blabbing about their next piece of coming real soon now

C) Nokia - Touchscreen = Alsoran, the boat departed ages ago



I agree with Danny...

We're still waiting for the N97... I've spoken with Orange, my current provider, and even though I now have the list of the handset "coming soon", there is still no sign of the N97.

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