back to article Lenovo unveils Ion-inside netbook

Lenovo has launched itself into the netbook space with a 12.1in machine using Nvidia’s Ion graphics chipset, well, depending on where you live. Lenovo_S12_01 Lenovo's S12: Nvidia Ion will be a US-only option The firm’s new S12 machine – apparently its first 12in netbook - is based around Intel’s N270 Atom processor, but …


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"Simplifying" themselves out of the market then.

Not only does it have the known-to-be-rubbish Intel GMA chipset instead of the known-to-be-pretty-good nVidia one, but it is only slightly smaller, has worse performance and costs the same as a 'proper' laptop.

Netbooks are supposed to be small, cheap and have extremely long battery life. This is none of them, and is therefore a small-screened, expensive and low-performance laptop.

Shoot yourselves in the head next time - it'll be less messy.

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