back to article VMware's vSphere enters real world, early!

VMware has shipped its next-generation virtualization hypervisor and management tools collection, vSphere 4, ahead of schedule. When vSphere 4 was announced at a gala event at VWware's headquarters on April 21st, word was that the suite would be released by the end of this quarter. VMware made that deadline with 41 days to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    There are some cool new features in vSphere, it still doesn't come with enough security out of the box though.

  2. Luke
    Gates Horns

    Licensing vFucked

    I am a VCP an vProud. However when logging into the portal today to download the product I found that they have not yet completed the license upgrades so I can't download vSphere Centre awesome server.. vPissed.

    Better the devil you don't know, VMware rocks!

  3. Daniel Gould

    Broken download links

    Seems they haven't added the software to the download links yet - folllowing the link to supposedly download the software presents you with a "page cannot be found" page. No vHelpful

This topic is closed for new posts.

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