back to article Storage vendors unroll better VTL options

It's been a good day for mainframe tape users. They can store data on cheaper open systems virtual tape libraries (VTLs) thanks to Bus-Tech's MDL-100V product, and Sun has simultaneously enhanced its mainframe VTL and tape products. Bus-Tech's Mainframe Data Library-100V connects by FICON or ESCON links to mainframe hosts and …


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  1. Christopher Muller
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    Real (even Reel) Tape to VT

    Chris Mellor: smart guy, and he only needs to change two vowells to have the perfect name :-)

    That aside, great article as usual, Chris. If you run into anybody with loads of old tapes who wants to convert them to virtual for easier preservation and future access, please ask them to look at Thanks.

    Chris Muller

This topic is closed for new posts.

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