back to article IBM goes live with Smart Cube appliance server

After nearly two years of development and more than six months of a beta spin in India - where there are some 35 million small and medium businesses that are looking to computerize their operations - IBM has finally brought its Smart Cube appliance servers and the related application software Smart Market to the United States …


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AS/400 vs ?

The AS/400 was to many customers the Vista of IBM. Slow, overpriced, buggy, with difficult and time consuming management processes.

Although you are correct in saying that the AS/400 was a continuation of S/38 technology, most applications for the AS/400 were originally written for the System /36 which the AS/400 was meant to replace. It didn't. In fact the System /36 continued to be sold as an AS/400 model for the next ten years. Some applications were re-written for RPG/400 but most large packages still had huge amounts of S/36 code.

The AS/400 was the death knell for IBM in the small to medium business. It should have been a lesson for all OS suppliers. The new version of the software should be faster, with more features and better value for money. IBM went away from that with its s/36 customers.

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What he said.

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Funny. I never had a problem

And I developed on one. 100s of users. Large interactive system. It was only moving to Windows that I had to start worrying about stuff.

Databases that can't lock to the record level.

Server rebooting on a daily basis as routine.

Databases that would not scale because their developers did not understand (or care) about the issues.

Umpteen dozen viruses each week.

The biggest problem for the AS400.

No drama.

None of the epic marathon network, software or storage problems that Windows admins regularly had to show that they were indeed doing something.

Not a problem in Windows.

Companies that knew what their business was and wanted to do business bought AS400's

Companies that liked messing about with IT bought Windows.

I'll wish them good luck with this.

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