back to article Microsoft consumes Chicago data center

Data center operator Ascent, while not exactly a household name, did stir up a little PR when it brought in a high profile customer named Microsoft to its facility located in the Chicago suburb of Northlake. And now, Microsoft is apparently getting set to buy the data center, nicknamed CH1, from Ascent, giving the data center …


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Let me fix that....

"And it will have its own dedicated Single Point of Failure with two links to the power grid for redundancy."

If you have 1 sub station, it doesn't matter HOW many links you have past that, if the sub station shits-itself-and-dies, then its a moot point. It would be better to have two small sub stations, on opposite sides of the building, each with 2 links to the outside world. THAT would be proper redundancy. I never said it was cheap, but it would be close to failsafe as you could get.

So really, to take out an entire data centre, you throw a firebomb into the sub station, and watch the sparks.....

Mines the one with the molotov cocktail in the pocket.....


@Andrew Fraser

Andrew, It isn't clear [to me] if the article is saying the sub-station had links to the grid, or if the facility had the separate links?

of-course if the substation has the links and then dies, then yes, single point of failure, and we just need to sit and wait here for that story where an entire cloud is, er, vaporised!


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