back to article Motorola's handheld self abuse continues

Associated Press has been going over documents concerning the suit filed by Motorola's former Chief Financial Officer, providing more details of Paul Liska's accusation that he was given the elbow for blowing the whistle on the company's finances. The filing details how Paul Liska gave a presentation to a board subcommittee on …


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Motorola's product lineup outside of the handset division is fairly sound, lots of infrastructure and industrial kit that is really pretty good.

But, as the article says, the handset division is bringing the company to its knees. What has Motorola's response been? The Motorola AURA?? Motorola keep promising jam tomorrow when it comes to new launches, but nothing interesting is in the pipeline. Maybe we'll see an Android handset later this year. Maybe not. Will anyone care?

Frankly they would be better off shutting down the whole mobile division and outsourcing anything they need to the likes of HTC, ZTE or Huawei.

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Clearly you don't understand the key difference between MOTO and anyone else's phones (like Nokia, Samsung, LG, HTC, E-Ten and so on, don't even mind other Chinese crap like ZTE or Huawei) -- it's in build quality and materials used.

Just try and compare a cheap-plastik soapbox-like Nokia shit^H^H^H^Hphone to e.g. MOTO ZINE ZN5

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Motorola phones build quality? who cares?! Did that win them market share?

There was a time when they had HUGE market share, and they've lost out. Repeatedly. There was a time when their main competitors were Nokia and Ericson. Now look at it!

If they are so great at building quality products, then it just proves that the market aren't interested in that and they buy for *other* reasons - I'll let others fill in that gap...

The guy pointed out the obvious, and got fired... if Motorola cant find a legally justified reason for firing him, and show that they acted in accordance with the relevant employment law, they are screwed.

"he was on his way out from before"? no sh1t Einstein: no doubt the good-doctor shared his plans on what would turn the company around last year and he was told the bleeding obvious! So the relationship went down hill from the start of the stupid ideas from the "good doctor"!

See for yourselves - the companys handset division wasn't saved!!

Bill - as he knows all about maintaining market share, and not getting fired.

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