back to article Intel rattles sabre over AMD licence deal

Intel is still making noises about its licensing deal with AMD, which it claims is invalidated by AMD's corporate restructuring. AMD has spun out its foundry business, with the help of cash from Abu Dhabi, into GLOBALFOUNDRIES. But Intel alleges this means its licensing agreement with Intel is null and void. Intel said back in …


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Dependency on technology is not necessarily a bad thing.

Dependency on *proprietary* technology is necessarily a bad thing, although you usually only find out when it's too late.

The best course for all concerned would be for the various Governments of the world simply to annul the disputed "intellectual property", thus hauling Intel's rug out from under them. (And maybe think about switching to ARM or MIPS. It's very easy to recompile the Source Code to run on a different architecture. Um ..... If you've got the Source Code, that is. Somebody help me get these worms back into this can .....)

Ted Kaczynski's error was in paragraph 208 et seq. Anyone who knows P * V = n * R * T can build a refrigerator -- unless Robert Boyle happens to be standing there with a big stick, demanding payment for the use of "his" discovery.

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