back to article Banned US shock-jock demands Clinton intervention

US shock-jock Michael Savage has asked Hillary Clinton to intervene on his behalf following UK home secretary Jacqui Smith's decision to name him on a list of 16 identified individuals she'd rather not see pass Blighty's immigration controls. Wacky Jacqui recently "named and shamed" Savage along with a couple of unpleasant …


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  1. Darling Petunia

    Making Noise

    Poor judgement here by the 'Home Secretary" in providing publicity for the foul Mr. Savage. He's a hack for the sale of radio ad time and appeals to the dimwits that want us all to live in caves.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Citing European law will get him.

    Exactly squat. The Dictatorship of the Divided Queendom and Northern Ireland does not acknowledge any rights, be they human or otherwise.

    AC, well because.

  3. Richard

    But he _does_ have freedom of expression

    He doesn't have absolute freedom of movement. *sigh*

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters


    I'll bet he'd be the first to scream blue murder if the US allowed in somebody whose views he didn't much like.

  5. Tony

    He has a right.. say whatever he likes. No one is interfering with that.

    He can go wherever he likes in the US as he is a US citizen; and no one (as far as I am aware) is interefering with his right to do so.

    However, he has no specific right to come to the UK (or any other country) - any government can choose to close their border to any individual and they actually don't have to give a specific reason, although they generally do.

    Prior to this, I had never heard of the man - and really not bothered if I don't hear about him again.

  6. Ray

    Little Lost Robot

    Must... not... agree... with... Jacqui... Smith...

    Does... not... compute...


  7. Adam Foxton

    So that's now two law suits

    from two different continents that the bloody woman's got us into / is soon to get us into

    Who's he going to complain to? The Home Office? No, that'll not get anywhere... the European Parliament? No, she'll just ignore whatever is said there.

    So it's just back to being a "shock-jock" in the 'States then? Yup. And that'll make just as much difference.

  8. alex_c
    Thumb Up


    Let him sue

    Let him lose

  9. Anonymous Coward

    What a prick

    ...he's a news flash you braindead moron. Your laws (contary to what you believe) do not apply outside the USA.

    And besides, it's you country's hysteria and unfounded panicing, has led to these stupid laws being founded in the first place.....

    Now fuck off.

  10. Bassey


    So he's complaining about having his rights of "freedom of expression" restricted - and then in the same breath is threatening to sue Wacky Jacqui for defamation. Surely she was just exercising her rights to freely express her view that he's a loud-mouthed git?

  11. Oliver Mayes

    OK, two things I can see here

    1) His 'right to free speech' is not being infringed, just his right to enter a particular country. As far as I can tell there are no plans to hunt him down and shut him up, he's just not welcome over here. Surely it's up to our government (corrupt and flawed as it is) to decide this, not the US?

    2) They're citing international regulations that protect individuals' human rights, exactly the same regulations that the US ignores whenever it feels like it (Guantanamo anyone?), now they want to hide behind those same regulations?

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Typical. Americans think that they should be able to do/say whatevery they feel like around the work. Guess what, the world doesnt agree with you and your 'mighter than thou' attitude!

  13. Eduard Coli


    Nice to think Brown's government has our morals at heart and not condoning Mr. Savage but if he were a royal who dressed like a nazi or was Sir Savage as opposed to Mr. or was at least loaded there would of course be no ban...

    That's the problem with bans like this, they really only seem to happen to unpopular people.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    before spouting off about his right to free speech, he should be told that he has no such right in the UK.

    Technically, by preventing him from entering, Jacqui is actually protecting his right to free speech.

  15. Maty
    IT Angle

    Enough already

    Before he popped up on the Reg I'd never heard of this guy. What I have heard doesn't make me want to hear more. Why is the Reg giving what appears to be a sad and somewhat deranged poseur so much publicity?

    IT because Mr Savage, and come to that, Ms J. Smith can fsk off.

  16. David Webb

    Following on...

    Following on from this idiots logic, we can naturally assume that the KKK grand wizard bloke is also banned because of his racist views. Is he saying that the fella from the KKK has as much right to come over here and spew his hatred as anyone else?

    Personally I say let him come on over, I'm pretty sure the majority of Brits would just say "shut the f*** up" whilst the rest would ignore him, although some may steal his phone and shoes.

  17. Dan Caugherty
    Thumb Up

    The only proper response from Sec'y Clinton would be:

    "Want a little cheese with that whine?"

  18. Dave Ross
    Thumb Down

    Am i wrong..

    in wanting both sides to lose?

  19. Mycho Silver badge

    Oh, please extradite her

    There must be some charge he can make which we have a bend-over extradition treaty for.

  20. Paul

    We can enact a law anywhere, anytime...

    If I remember my legal training, Lord Denning IIRC, pointed out that laws can be enacted against anytime, place, thing. The example was , if the UK passed a law banning smoking in Paris then so be it, as soon as one of those transgressors entered in our jurisdiction we could lock'em up!

    The only places we cannot legislate are those we have explicitly made a law to say 'we cannot legislate' ie South Africa, and Canada's constitutional reforms.

    and with that PUB!

  21. Andrew

    Gob off.

    This is all a bunch of publicity crap for Savage. He's drowning in "oh I'm banned pity me and shower me with advertising money" for his show. Gives him something new to hate on, too.

  22. TMLutas

    Visa status

    The US and the UK permit each other's citizens to travel without visas to each other's country for the most part. This is by treaty and I understand that if a country like the UK arbitrarily starts excluding people, that treaty falls out and visitors on quick business and tourist trips (of which there are quite a lot from the UK as you're traditionally a huge investor in the US) would have to start getting visas to enter the US.

    This is unlikely to happen if it's just Mr. Savage excluded but if this is the start of a new trend towards political intervention in american affairs by 'shaming' medium sized US political players whose politics are non-violent but not favored by Her Majesty's current government then eventually there will be an unpleasant reaction.

    Mr. Savage is not the first to land in this boat; MP Wilders precedes him. It is a stupid policy and I hope Her Majesty's next government comes to its senses.

  23. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    The view as seen from inside the Empire...

    ...must be truly glorious.

    Do I hear music? Either something is burning or it's the world's smallest violin. I still don't know which.

  24. Steve

    @ Dave Ross

    I think we should extradite her, but make him pay the legal fees - and then live with her.

  25. drag

    No British Freedom of Speech, obviously.


    ..he's a news flash you braindead moron. Your laws (contary to what you believe) do not apply outside the USA.


    Yes we Americans know that you people have no real freedom of speech. That your subject to monitoring and control by your government. We know that what you say and what you do is subject to government laws that filter out views that the government disagrees with.

    But your court systems do get very excited about libel and slander. Which is what is happening to him. Mostly originated from elements in your government, your government-controlled media, and other media that is friendly to the ruling party.


    And besides, it's you country's hysteria and unfounded panicing, has led to these stupid laws being founded in the first place.....


    Yes. It's the USA's fault that British people have no freedom to dissent or talk out anymore lest they get fined, fired, banned, deported, or arrested for causing strife.

    Or class conflict or upsetting the Muslims or whatever other brain-dead excuse that your government can dream up in order to eliminate the ability for people to disagree with them publicly and get heard.

    Oh. Savage is not a shock Jock.

    A shock jock is a person that goes and does toilet humour for the sake of shocking poeple.

    He is a right wing political commentator who tends to get excited about his viewpoints. He isn't even extreme. Which is why your government would like to see him and other people like him minimized. They don't want to allow viewpoints into your country that run contrary to the status quo that they want to establish.

    At least for now you people still have the internet and the ability to listen to other country's radio shows...

    I wonder how long before that is going to be taken away from you?

    Any Internet filtering laws yet?

  26. Ben


    As an American conservative, yes the most evil of all possible people in European eyes, what I find disturbing about all of this is that were my opinions widely known then apparently the United Kingdom would feel compelled to ban me as well. I am against gay marriage, socialism, abortion, do not trust government of any form, and worst of all am a hated Christian. Alll of that being said, I do not support or condone violence on behalf of those views (e.g. no bombing of abortion clinics). In effect, I hold the same core beliefs as Mr. Savage (not sure if he is Jewish or Christian). I have heard him and don't particularily like his show but that is because I find him grating. As far as I am aware of, he is not advocating violence on his show though I am sure somebody will pull something out of their butt using an isolated quote he used for entertainment value. I won't bother arguing about whether the UK can ban him or not, obviously you can, it is your country. What I would argue is that the UK has crossed a line where your decisions to ban people have gone from actively dangerous people (bombers, killers, revolutionaries, etc.) to people you don't agree with. I understand the argument around inciting but it appears that disagreement now equates to incitement. Once again, it's your line to draw, I am just personally dismayed that you have drawn it so close to me. No doubt many will respond that they are more than happy to keep me out of the UK but I suppose that will just go to prove my point.

    P.S. Please don't respond with "yeah but America sucks because of X,Y, and Z." I know we can be inconsistant but the topic here is the UK action, You don't erase your mistakes by diverting attention to other mistakes.

  27. Anonymous Coward


    Let him into the UK BUT don't let him out again.

    Mine is the white one

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    "...he's planning a defamation of character lawsuit against Smith"

    I should have thought that that's only applicable if one actually has any character?

  29. jake Silver badge

    Stop it ElReg.

    The twat is just looking for free publicity because his ratings are down. Stop giving it to him.

  30. Charles Hunter

    why even bother?

    My question would have to be....Why prevent him in the first place even if one has the right to do so. He's not all that influential in the US, and he's certainly not a radical that might damage society. By making a scene, the government was simply fueling his fire.

    What was he visiting for? A speaking engagement? That would be awfully embarrassing, and to a semi-celebrity who makes money off of showing the world how dissatisfied and angry he is, you're pretty much asking him to rant and cry bloody murder over it.

  31. Henry Wertz Gold badge

    Suing wacky Jacky

    "Why is the Reg giving what appears to be a sad and somewhat deranged poseur so much publicity?"

    Don't know what the IT angle is, but the fact of the matter is it's showing people can be put on this list for no good reason. He's a loud-mouthed git (IMHO) but he doesn't incite violence, racism, or any of that.

    @Bassey, " Surely she was just exercising her rights to freely express her view that he's a loud-mouthed git?". I support his defamation lawsuit -- she didn't call him a loud-mouthed git, she put him on a list with klansmen and terrorists. If this was some huge list it's one thing, but with only 16 members it's "the worst of the worst", and I think putting his name on there DOES defame his character. Will he have an angle to actually make a case? No idea.

  32. Martin Lyne

    They don't listen to us..

    ..why the fuck would they listen to anyone else?

  33. Dave


    If the US wants to let him over here, they'll just have to lighten up on who they're prepared to let into the US. Given that they appear to be aware of this aspect, it's not surprising that they've coming down on Jacqui's side.

    She's got to get one right occasionally, exception to prove the rule and all that.

  34. ffrankmccaffery

    Hate speech

    That is what this prick preaches and something that we have a law against. And you yanks and wet liberals can save your voltaire quotes.

  35. A J Stiles

    No rights being infringed

    Nobody's rights are being infringed here. Entering the United Kingdom, other than from between the legs of a British woman, is not a right but a privilege. And furthermore, it is a privilege which is absolutely not extended to homophobic bigots.

    We have enough of those here anyway.

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    yes he has...

    ... freedom of speech. He doesn't however have any right to come to another country, its a privalidge, we decide if we want to LET him in.

    "Technically, by preventing him from entering, Jacqui is actually protecting his right to free speech."

    No she's not, she saying say what you want. We are not giving you the prividge of coming to our country, in theory before the advent of the internet/tv/radio you might have a point, but not now.

    To everyone going on about how the uk has no rights, yes we do, the papers love implying that we don't cause it sells papers so people can rage at the government, if anyway the papers are abusing there rights.

    To be honest you lot complaining should do something about it, leave, or shut up. Pick one! The person who sits by idly is just as bad as the person comitting the crime!

  37. Mike Moyle Silver badge

    Oh, please...

    ...Just take him, would you...?

    We've had to put up with this fuckwit long enough; surely it's someone else's turn...?

    (...pretty please...?)

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Give over

    I want to see this become even more public and then watch as he flounders through the legal system waiting for somebody to listen to his story of heartache and lost freedoms.

    Wake up, idiot. Countries have been doing this for years, in fact the US has one of the largest lists of this kind promoting the restriction of movement between countries. Just because you have a bigger mouth, doesn't give you the right to spread your crap all over another country.

    I want to read about this in the papers in about 2 months when he is whining about their being an injustice against his human rights (which btw, do not include free movement across borders). Nothing I like more than reading about these morons crying to the press about how they are persecuted.

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    F*** right off

    I'm completely fed up with stupid half-wit septics trying to apply their fucked up laws in other countries. I remember once being in a line at a London airport (I forget which) and a septic tank in front of me was complaining to the customs official taking photographs of everyone in the line with a web cam (just like they do to foreigners in the US) that it was "against his constitutional rights". Well, if you are so worried about those rights FUCK OFF BACK TO THE STINKING CESS-PIT YOU CAME FROM, YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT. You aren't in (or dealing with) America, so don't expect your worthless laws that protect the rights of people to carry heavy machine guns, but won't let them see a pair of tits on TV, to apply. Britain has one of the oldest systems of law in the world; and much as Wacky Jacqui and her lunatic friends attempt to pervert them, we aren't going to change them because of a whining septic.

  40. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Maybe we should....

    Let him enter.. stick him in a rough area with some Chav's... then he won't want to come back...

    Paris - As she's queen of the Chavette's

  41. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What is Labour up to?

    I think they are trying to make the next election a cultural thing. But that is going to backfire like crazy, Labour has not done much for cultures and is a shinning example of the abuse of multi culturism.

    The reason Labour let in so many immigrants is not for the benefit of the country, the immigrants, or the world, it was for the benefit of Labour taxation and a trough for them to enact bizarre public control systems and something to get their snouts into to buy their nappies and chandeliers, it would appear.

    Don't think for one moment that Labour has ideals of fair play, they are as nihilist and as selfish as they come, and pretty incompetent to boot. They use race as a weapon, and a political spin point, they are racist in that way, they don't believe in any culture apart from the culture of the Labour MP, that is what they put in front of everything else, that is their master race.

  42. RW

    I love comedy

    Can't think of a more amusing pairing than Jacqui and Savage to provide a real tempest in a teapot. Somebody somewhere had a real brainstorm when they set this up.

    Pass the popcorn.

    Analysis: Dear Stupid Jacqui has, of course, put her foot in it again. And Savage knows a good publicity op when he sees one. The net result is that Jacqui's attempt to squelch Savage has in fact given the man wider publicity than ever before. Nice going, Jacqui dear!

    It all reminds me of the Good Ol' Days when every American publisher yearned to read a headline about one of his productions, "BANNED IN BOSTON". Getting banned in Boston guaranteed best-seller status as the rest of the population rushed to see what all the fuss was about.

    There, there, Jacqui dear, it's all okay. Go draft some more draconian police state regs and you'll soon feel all better.

  43. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Defamation of character?

    Savage might sue for defamation of character? Well, that ought to be interesting. Isn't truth still an absolute defense to a defamation claim, at least in the US and the UK?

  44. Anonymous Coward

    Defamation of Character + Thought Police.

    I appreciate ElReg for posting these stories. Lets just break this down quickly enough for all.

    -(1st amendment is for the USA only) The things Savage says may offend some people, but that is his right to do so. Free speech doesn't just mean protecting politically correct speech.

    -Savage does not promote violence, which is what Jacqui is claiming his mere presence will start.

    -Listing him in a public banning list with those other people does 'seem' like defamation....don't know about lawsuit though....

    -If he weren't on the radio and was still as popular as just a blogger, how many of you would be still be whining that this story doesn't belong?

    IMO it will be interesting to see if Hillary will act in the name of another American who isn't in line with her own political views.

  45. Anonymous Coward

    Keep it up ElReg. Keep reporting on the Thought Police

    The 1st amendment protects all types of free speech. It also only applies to the USA.

    Michael Savage may say things that some people find offensive, but he doesn't promote violence. He's a Conservative talk show radio host and not some morning shock jock.

    Grouping him with those other people appears as defamation to me, but who knows legally if he could win the suit?

    The censorship Jacqui wants to apply to Savage will be applied to more and more people who she simply doesn't agree with if not challenged now. Even though I still doubt she has ever heard his show.

    His name was probably passed across by some Obama appointee who has heard Savage and doesn't want him to be able to spread his political views to England. Then a little later Obama's own group will point to England banning him and use that as an excuse to try and silence him.

    - If Savage was only a blogger but still as widely heard and popular the IT community would be much more on his side IMO.

    -Please keep the US Gov and their 'no fly' list a separate issue.

    Go on with reporting the Savage stories, this is the Canary in the coalmine test for Jacqui.

  46. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Odd reactions

    I will be the first to admit I do not know the specific rights (especially pertaining to freeom of speech) that you have in the UK. I will also be the first to admit I don't particularly care for Savage. However I do have to wonder at the fact that he was chosen as a poster-child for "hate" speech. For a list that is so small, I find it a matter of some concern that he is considered an example of undesirable aspects. Truth be told most individuals (myself included) share quite a number of his views. I find it hard to believe that speaking our minds is such a threat to the stability of the OK.

    Anybody ever see "V" for vendetta?

  47. Martin Silver badge

    A title is required by UK law, and this applies worldwide

    I agree that it seems our beloved fuehrer has overstepped the 'actively dangerous' point. I for one never agreed with the hate speech laws, they have an overbroad definition of hate speech (i.e, as others have pointed out, that which the Authoritah! does not agree with. If mrs Clinton helps him, good, it's more brownie points for her. If he wins, good, it WAS defamation.

    And no, I can't stand his views, I disagree with almost every one of them. Being nice to him will just make him angrier

  48. Eric Olson

    It's an odd thing, us Yanks

    Here I am a liberal, at least by most definitions used on both sides of the pond, and I find the actions by Jacqui Smith to be reprehensible, just as I have always found Michael Savage. I do realize that the US Constitution and the first ten rights, the Bill of Rights, are loosely based on the Magna Carta, with (slow) expansion to classes beyond the landed gentry. With that in mind, there is a reason for Yanks to be a bit apprehensive about what we see happening in Britain all the time when it comes to the treatment of the citizens by the government. So much of what we do is based on English law, that if you guys can water down what used to be a strong document, what could be done to the Constitution?

    Even though I don't think anyone on the public list that Britain has "named and shamed" is worth much more than the sludge in a chemical toilet, I believe that as long as they don't try to incite violence or commit violence in the name of the their cause, they are free to spout off their crackpot theories. We'd even let Mrs. Smith talk around here, though most would probably cringe and ignore her, just like anyone with more than a primary school education does with Mr. Savage. The point here is that for an American, regardless of (most) political beliefs, the idea of the government making any moves that look to be suppressing or slandering a person is frightening, even if they are a foreign national. One could argue that Mrs. Smith, by putting him just on a "No Entry" list, isn't suppressing his voice, but it does look like the thin end of a wedge. One might look at it and think to themselves, "Should I ever voice an opinion that might be contrary to a ruling party's opinion in Britain, lest I get a lifetime ban as well?"

    I don't condone Mr. Savage's actions at all, and he is just milking this publicity cow for all it's worth. He knows his crowd, and they are very... simple. They are very reactionary and likely to act rashly against anything they view as British regardless of how this pans out now. It might be as simple as boycott (which, given the median listener's income, probably means one less order of fish and chips from the local pub every month for every member of the Royal Family), to something as irritating as rude behavior to anyone perceived as being British in their area, even if they are a naturalized citizen of America, or downright harassment of travelers.

    I don't know what kind of publicity it got across the pond, but after the French told Dubya to screw off and take his warmongering elsewhere (which went well), there was a fringe movement (including xenophobic bills in the House and Senate) to remove the name "French" from various legal definitions (french fries and french toast to be renamed "freedom" fries and "freedom" toast). That's the kind of followers that this idiot Mr. Savage has, and while it seems quaint and silly, for every 1,000 people who find it to be just harmless fun, there is that 1,001st person who takes it up as a personal grudge.

    I guess it still is part of the American psyche that everyone is free (insomuch as you don't try to kill us, for varying values of "kill") and that outside interference in our policies of state or citizen actions are not tolerated (you have King George III to blame for that one, and the War of 1812 just reinforced it). "Don't Tread on Me" is more than just a rallying cry of the Revolutionary Amry and a former motto of the US Marine Corps, as it still does sum up the general US ethos when dealing with the world. Just don't ask me to defend the foreign policy of Dubya. The man wasn't much more than a jumped up brat with too much cocaine on the brain. Elections are such double-edges swords.

  49. jake Silver badge

    @AC 16:01; @Ben

    AC: "don't expect your worthless laws that protect the rights of people to carry heavy machine guns, but won't let them see a pair of tits on TV"

    Uh ... AC, dear chap, I don't know where you got your information, but heavy machine guns are NOT legal for people to carry here in the states. Light MGs are allowed under certain circumstances, as long as you dot the Is & cross the Ts. In fact, I even had to sell my .50 Browning single shot long range target rifle. On the bright side, the .416 that replaced it seems to be a hair more accurate ... Or maybe I'm a better shot than I was when I bought the .50, and the .416 has a newer barrel.

    As for tits on TV, there were several pairs on at 6PM (1800 hours) this evening, some even looked real (Bay Area, Dish TV, I was at my neighbor's house returning a couple puppies that seem to prefer my place to his). There was full-frontal nudity on TV, too, and a fair approximation of adults having sex ... if by adults you mean a fat overly tattooed man in his late thirties or early forties sweating on a late teen or early 20s girl with badly dyed blonde hair, too many piercings, the hips of a 14yo boy, and 40" plastic tits. Quite surreal, really.

    Ben scrive: "I am against gay marriage, socialism, abortion, do not trust government of any form, and worst of all am a hated Christian."

    ::sighs:: Why is it that the wingnuts (left and right) are so paranoid? Sad, really. I blame the education system. Or lack thereof, as the case may be. Ben, if you are young enough you still have time to grow a brain of your own, instead of parroting what you've been told to parrot. Not that I'm going to hold my breath, mind.

  50. raving angry loony

    about time?

    But the UK isn't interfering with his right to free expression at all. He can express his opinions all he wants. The UK is merely asserting the right to decide who they will or will not allow across their borders. There is no law, anywhere, that requires the UK allow anyone who is not a British subject or EU citizen across their borders.

    Given what the US is doing with regards to barring people from its borders, or even stopping them and everyone else in the aircraft from flying over its airspace I have no problem with the UK returning the favour. They should bar many more Americans actually.

    So tell the skanky 'merkin to fuck off and be done with it.


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