back to article Oracle buys Virtual Iron

Software giant Oracle has announced its purchase of server virtualization wannabe Virtual Iron, confirming months of rumor. Having already grabbed the open source Xen hypervisor as the basis of its free-standing Oracle VM hypervisor, Oracle did not need Virtual Iron for its own VT and AMD-V dependent implementation of Xen. But …


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Pretty obvious old Larry isn't feeling the credit crunch byte (notice not bite!)


well ...

all big software companies had and some of them still have lot of cash on balance sheet ... now is THE best time to snap and buy cheap

Paris Hilton

An embarrassment of riches

Sun brings three or four more virtualization solutions to the party... how many does Larry need?

IT Angle

Oracle bought a Xen hypervisor through Sun, as well.

Seems interesting that Oracle has: Oracle Xen, Sun Xen (xVM Server with the Sun N-1 multi-vendor management platform), and now Virtual Iron Xen (whch plugs into a management platform.)

I wonder how this is going to play out...


It would have been nice...

It would have been nice for the author to mention Oracle purchasing xVM Server (Xen) hypervisor from Sun in the article.

Anonymous Coward

he's building skynet!

omg he's buying every large computer system and technology there is.

he is building the ultimate skynet lol

Seriously though this is not good news for the world he is taking over

every open source'd closed source, business he can find i mean what more

does the guy need what does he hope to achieve at the end of all this?

Open Sourced MySQL is going to be killed off, no doubt very soon.

once he gets his hands on thats it .. community version goes byebye..

You are all screaming it can't its open source!! true but without access to the

open source stock files once is gone whats the point of claiming its

open source when no files exist anymore, no worries its on sourceforge right?

Wrong nothing even exists on for mysql community version.

considering its open source it's no where to be found other than

Mark my words anything oracle does now and in the future is going to end everything.

every website/forum/server, and most game platforms work of MYSQL.

Even the Register and millions of other sites like this is all MYSQL based.

Getting worried now, so is the FSC, FSF, and the Open Source Foundation.


@raving paranoid loony AC

While it is possible that Loony Larry may indeed wish to kill or otherwise incapacitate MySQL, it is simply not true that the only source "stock files" (whatever they are) reside on

Every linx distro (not to mention the BSD's) that provides or bundles MySQL has full copies of the source and if Larry were to try and close or destroy MySQL any one of those copies could be use for forking purposes.

The only stuff that would be longer available would be the non-open parts that are added to the so called "enterprise" version so calm down and take your meds, OK?

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