back to article Nokia's Qt cuts paperwork for open sourcers

Nokia has reduced the barriers to contributing code to the Qt cross-platform framework. The Nokia-owned Qt Software has created a public repository for outsiders to contribute and monitor code and eliminated the need for filling in a faxed copyright assessment of code and manual checking by Qt Software. Instead, contributors …


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Paris Hilton


"The one-time grant ... might put off those who don't want Qt Software's owner, Nokia, getting carte blanche on their code forever."

Here's a tip... If you don't want to allow people to reuse your code, don't submit it TO AN OPEN-SOURCE PROJECT.


un-Savvy Stevie

@Steve Knox: You're missing the point. Nokia ACQUIRES THE RIGHTS to the "open" source code (but obviously not free as in freedom) code. That's what the author meant there.

I'd ask you to do us a favour and spend one or two minutes learning about open and free software here ( before commenting on things you clearly don not yet understand...

Personally I wouldn't submit half a line of code to this and other such blood suckers. And I imagine that a lot of free software hackers wouldn't either! Unless they are the kind that send their CVs to Nokia every 2-3 months...

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