back to article Early Sun middleware fans seek Oracle refuge

Settlers on a long-forgotten Sun-Microsystems middleware island are expected to turn to open-source in greater numbers rather than stick with new master Oracle. News of Oracle's potential acquisition has acted as a catalyst for early users of the Sun ONE application server to finally review their increasingly dated web and …


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and the FUD starts

The deal is not yet finalised and already we have one of the companies that claims to decry FUD investing in it.

So sad.


Dead Vulture

A very odd article

Gavin Clarke writes, "early users of the Sun ONE application server to finally review their increasingly dated web and back-office systems and to move rather than risk a licensing hike."

This is pretty silly. There is no licensing hike announcement.

People to spend money to move during an economic downturn when there is no immediate reason is not sensible.

Freedom OSS chief executive Max Yankelevich said: "Oracle has served as a wake up call - these systems have not been getting a lot of attention... top management have been looking at systems and saying: 'Why are we running Sun One?'"

This is very silly. These people missed the move to Sun Java Application Server and are missing the move to Sun Glassfish.

If they are still using Sun ONE, then they are most likely not paying any license fees that can be jacked up, since this is two systems back!

Why would someone pay developers to upgrade systems to a competing product where incompatibilities will have to be managed (when they are not paying for support currently), or not even upgrading (for free) using current support for a smooth migration to get modern features?

The least risky thing to do would be a Glassfish update (under maintenance) and wait to see what happens, since that would time to consider code porting, and the economic environment should be better next year to fund those developers.


Classic BS

Most companies have better things to do than unnecessary migrations....

Oracle hiking licensing prices is as likely as Redhat hiking prices...

The reality is that Oracle is well known to undercut Redhat prices by 50%...


Reasons for migrating...

Perhaps people just lost track of what the different Sun products were called and just decided to move to something that would still have the same name in a week's time.

It isn't really a joke, given Sun's track record, but anyway.

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