back to article Citrix XenServer 5.5 cleared for June landing

VMware and Citrix seem to be in a match to see who can talk most about products that are not yet shipping. Citrix tried to spoil VMware's vSphere launch when it announced its partnership with Microsoft and its radically reduced pricing for the XenServer stack back on February 23. That was the day before VMworld Europe started …


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Silver badge

playing with fire

Sounds like Citrix is playing with fire with their partnership with MS, given Hyper-V..


and what about.......

tools that make a lot of a difference ?

like this one ?

lets you build working srvrs in minutes, even with 3rd party RPM software products.....

I do think that there's a lot more to be done on exactly this kind of tooling. putting a xen or vmware esx host to live isn't that big a deal. everything after is what it is all about, right ?


Anonymous Coward

can't think of a witty title

Me thinks XenServer will wind up being the Linux support branch of Hyper-v.

P.S. The voice over guy in the susestudio video sounds drunk.

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