back to article US spy boss pushes for unified cyber-command center

The US military wants to create a unified digital command center in Maryland as part of a push to reorganize its offensive and defensive cyber operations. The center would be located at the Army's Fort Meade and would be a sub-unit of the US Strategic Command, Lieutenant General Keith Alexander, director of the National …


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This is clearly a matter of National Security, since there have been sooo many documented cases of terrorists using the Internet and computers to communicate and generally coordinate their mischief.

It is obvious that simply following general, well-known and well-documented security guidelines do not have a chance in Hell of saving us, we most definitely need another well-funded, jackbooted government spy agency to ensure Our Safety.

Besides, it's a sight easier to have a Godmode agency in place for whenever some e-vesdropping must take place, instead of the usual ask-a-judge-get-a-warrant-set-the-wiretap procedure which is sooo last century, eh ?

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