back to article Sage workers braced for job cuts

More job losses are predicted at Sage when the firm announces its financial results tomorrow. Last month the accountancy software provider offered UK staff voluntary redundancy as part of a cost cutting programme. The Newcastle-based firm employs 2,200 people in the UK and 14,000 in total worldwide. The Sunday Times predicted …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    predicted redundancies

    I have recently left sage on compulsory redundancy following "project spring" a project specifically used to shed approx 60 people. during this process the voluntary redundancies were offered, surprisingly several hundres people applied to find out how much they would get and many were offered redundancy last week, i guess this anouncement only proves that approx 200 are due to be confirmed out of the several hundred that applied. sadly, many of those who did not get their voluntary redundancy are disapointed as its not a good place to work these days. Dont get me wrong, the executives are brilliant, paul stobbart is a good leader. as too are most of the Executives, with the exception of the CIO.

    As someone who accutely knows the workings of sage and know that this comment will be passed to Paul Stobbart, i would urge him to look within himself and ask, are all of the managers as authentic as you, clearly not and while sage continues to grow, and makes money, its not a good place to work anymore.

    I would love to tell you all about the inner workings of sage, however know that by the time you all read this, the solicitors will be ready to step in and prevent too much being said. oh well, thats just the way it is

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