back to article EMC scuppers Donatelli's HP switch

A temporary injunction issued in a Massachusetts courts stops EMC leaver David Donatelli starting work at HP today. Donatelli was running EMC's Information Systems business and had overseen its Symmetrix V-Max launch last month, when he abruptly resigned to join HP and run its server, storage and networking businesses, which …


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And who makes money in the meantime?

CEO: <pausing, pen held over new director's contract> "So, you're confidant this non-compete clause will save our company money and not just keep you lawyers busy?"

LAWYER: <rubbing hands together like a fly and grinning nervously> "Of course, don't you know we do these things because we love the company?"

CEO: <makes his mark in an illegible scrawl on the contract>

LAWYER: <turns to winged monkey HR minions> "To the bank, my sweets, we have more blood to drain before nightfall!"

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