back to article Brocade 'restructuring' personnel for Ethernet push

It has been rumoured that Brocade is planning to sack 200 to 400 excess employees following on from the $2.6bn Foundry acquisition closure. The rumours say that Brocade is focussing more on Ethernet and IP networking and less on Fibre Channel. Brocade's John Noh - Senior Director for global public and analyst relations - …


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So ashamed??

I can't believe it. The Coward can't even get his mealy-mouth around the fact that people have lost their livelihood. No, the sad, chicken-livered fuc*kwitt can't say "No money for you for maybe years - but I'm OK, thanks"


So, that's clear, then.

Makes one want to "Go Postal". I don't even work for them. Actually, I don't even work.

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