back to article USB gadget warns of impending suffocation

Worried that the air around you isn't very clean? Well, a USB-powered gadget aims to tell whether it is or not. usb_air_analysis_01 The Breathing Bud Air Quality Indicator: does exactly what it says The Breathing Bud Air Quality Indicator is a concept gadget that would essentially continually analyse the quality of the air …


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Claim it detects CBRN agents, sell it to the paranoid;

make a fortune from office workers. Particularly if it has a loud integral alert.

On a lighter note, imagine the fun if one on every desk in the cities of London or NY (for example) went off at the same predetermined time ("accidently" left as a test feature in the firmware).

I'm sure it has potential bona fide uses for those with respiratory conditions such as asthma, but we find that if they're breakdancing on the floor, its a good guide to something not being quite right.

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