back to article Citroën e-car launched in Blighty

A new e-car from a major manufacturer - sort of - launched in the UK today. The vehicle in question is actually an after-market modification of Citroën's C1. The tweaks were carried out by Mayfair-based Electric Car Corporation, which will start taking orders tomorrow. ECC Citroen C1 ECC/Citroën's C1 ev'ie: princely priced …


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I drove a C1 hire car

A super little package only marrred by one thing for me. The short wheelbase made for a choppy ride. A VERY choppy ride such that a 45 minute trip to work down the A12 made me feel VERY sick. Half an hour in -every time...bluuurghhh.

Other than that super.

60 / 70 mile range is pants for me. I need 75 as an absolute minimum. The regular petrol C1 got easily 50 mpg even while going flat out (95 ish). I went flat out to try to minimise the time going bluurghh!

No other car has caused blurrgh for me since I was five and certainly none I was actually driving.

Stretching a point to call it a four seater though.

For a city car though I'm sure it's fine. Shame then that Darlings much trumpeted announcement won't apply to this car ...or in fact ANY present vehicle. It was just spin and we all were conned.


Can't wait.......

......for the next craze of running down a street at 2am, unplugging all the charging cars causing chaos the following morning when the drivers realise they can go nowhere.

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SMall wheelbase, choppy driving.

Stop going on and off the throttle.

You'll find it a lot easier to drive - and you'll get far better milage...

Most drivers are 3 seconds on, 3 seconds off. If you start thinking further ahead than that you'll have a far more enjoyable ride and be a lot safer to boot.

Owner of an even smaller, shorter wheelbase car.

(And I HATE it when people drive like that!)

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