back to article Will CA's stringent roadmap come back to haunt it?

Management software firm CA is superstitious and refuses to release a product with the number 13 attached to it. The result? The next version of the vendor’s ARCserve Backup product will skip straight from 12.5 to 14 to avoid, it hopes, any bad luck along the way. CA has laid out an ambitious roadmap for its backup products. …


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To be fair

If you have to use Arcserve, you're already very unlucky. It being version 13 probably won't make your life any worse

Mine's the one with the DLT drive parts in the pockets.


just so long as they don't pin features

As any fule kno, to quote Molesworth, you can fix any one of features, quality and time. CA have just committed themselves to a juggling act between new features in each annual release and having stuff actually work.

I wish them luck, they're going to need it, and skipping version 13 isn't going to help.

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I like CA ... shocking !!

I like CA, maybe i'm a minority, buying software like CA AV is crap as can never buy in punds as it always reverts back to dollars while choosing my product! but the software is good and not bloatware like Norton. Arcserve not used in a millenia but even back then it was pretty good at what it did.

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Nothing can save Arcserve / Brightstore

Arcserve / Brightstor is the very worst piece of crap product that CA have ever produced, and they are a shit factory the likes of which the world has never seen before

I present to you, the reality

- TNG: regularly crashes production servers

- USD: Unscalable, unintuitive, copy/paste is broken

- Brightstor Arcserve: Released on Linux, fails to perform it's task. Released on Windows, crashes often and backups regularly fail. BAB 11r5 SP3

I have personally faced problems with all of these rubbish products. There is a singular binding mentality at CA, which is to make crap products and outsource everything to junior programmers to implement a fundamentally f..ked up design.

I can only hope that people start to look at the products they are purchasing and see past the shiny demo presented to them by the nice salesmen and ignore the free lunches.

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