back to article Microsoft ditches Live Search product upload tool

Microsoft has ditched its Live Search Product Upload tool as part of its latest shake-up of its less-than-popular web search service. The firm confirmed to users that the tool, which was used by retailers to get their products into Microsoft’s search database, had been discontinued late last week. "Thank you for your interest …


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All that's left... for them to ditch Live Search altogether.

MS exec "We've got more money than God and what the world needs now is a new search engine! Name a successful search engine with global brand identity."

MS minion "Google?"

MS exec "Apart from that one."

MS minion "Yahoo!?."

MS exec "And that one."

MS minion "...err..."

MS exec "See! I'm right. A gap in the market!" (Dreams of rising stock options and the keys to the executive toilets.)

Dead Vulture

Time for Microsoft Dead Search - RIP

How long will MS piss money away with its online services, and in particular Live Search, before they kill it off? RIP Live Search....

Thumb Down


MS Exec 1: Let's use our strategy of nicking someone elses ideas, buying any small competitors they have and then muscling them out of the market.

MS Exec 2: Great idea. I hear that there is a lot of money in search engines.


some time later


MS Exec 1: Our product is pants compared to the competitors what do we do.

MS Exec 2: Historically we would release it anyway. Or we could try buying out the competition.

MS Exec 1: We can't afford to buy Google and Yahoo.

MS Exec 2: This is a free product! We can't con people into buying it!

MS Exec 1: Let's withdraw it then.

Gates Halo

Microsoft and their Use of English

"Thank you for your interest in the product upload beta. Regrettably, we are discontinuing this program," said Microsoft."

Quite possibly regrettable, but did they really mean 'regretfully'...?

Gates Horns

Capitalist bastards

Typical thinking from Microsoft -

If you are searching the web, then you are are consumer searching for a product to spend money on.


Anonymous Coward


wake we when its over... i care so little i almost fainted

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