back to article Numonyx thanks Ovonyx for the memory

Intel and STMicroelectronics JV successor Numonyx has licensed Phase Change Memory (PCM) intellectual property from Ovonyx. Numonyx, founded last year, is already developing PCM products and announced it was shipping samples of its 90nm 128Mbit PCM to customers in February 2008. PCM stores digital information as different …


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  1. Henry

    The name Numonyx is perhaps

    also a play on the word mnemonics, the ability to remember things by associating them with other objects.

  2. Mike

    interesting and cool, but.....

    I have seen this tech before, just not in a semiconductor. It is from the early days of HardDisk manufacturing. next progression would be to have each memory address be a tiny little oscillator whose frequency could be modified (MFMRAM anyone?).

    Just remember you heard it here first, and from me. When you are ready to start manufacturing I will give you an address to send the royalty payments to.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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