back to article Server platforms and operating systems: Reg readers speak

This is one of a series of articles which draws on online research conducted in partnership with The Register in October 2008. Some 1,125 people, from organisations large and small based in the UK, United States and many other countries took the time to let us know how IT systems are being used in their businesses. Thanks to all …


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You missed one

You did not mention OS/2 Warp Server.

And you can stop your sniggering at the back.

This has been managing my (small) office network for 10+ years from the same hardware - a Pentium Pro IBM machine with scsi disks. A mix of OS/2 and Win desktop and laptop clients.

I said... "stop sniggering!!!"

Up time? I dunno. Months. Years maybe. Last time I re-started I don't remember but was probably when the building management wanted to check the aircon system at the weekend. Should I even know this if my server does the business?

Oh yeah I've peed around with other systems. Latterly Mac OS/X Server. Does what OS/2 server has been doing without maintenance for years.


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