back to article AT&T reveals slipping iPhone sales

Sales of Apple's iPhone are slowing as potential buyers await the long-rumored refresh of the popular smartphone. On Wednesday, AT&T released its financial results for the first quarter of 2009. Among the details of the report - which showed revenue to be essentially flat, year-on-year - was the news that iPhone activations …


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Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward


or maybe people can't afford them anymore

Anonymous Coward

How much

How much more will the "new! iPhone cost... and do Apple realise there is a worldwide recession?

I fear the prices will increase by at least 10% for some new features (perhaps OLED display, better camera etc.).

Robert Moore
Jobs Halo

Please let it be the camera

I want one. But I find that other than talking on the phone, the feature I use most on my current phone is the camera. If the iphone would upgrade to a 3.2 Megapixel camera it would give me the excuse I need.

Michael C

re: how much

I expect the latest phone to be $199 and $299, just like the current 3G model, and with 8 and 16GB of memory and the better camera and better battery life. Apple has a history of releasing the latest and greatest at the same price point of the current.

I also expect the existing 8GB 3G may become available at $129 marking a new price point. I also expect dramatically lowered plan pricing including an unimited plan (text, data, voice, everything) for somewhere just above $99 with 2 year contracts on the new models.

I also think Apple may have a new H2DP headset up it's sleve, some specific announcement on tethering support (hopefully inculded in the unlimited plan), voice activated features for the phone, and may introduce a larger "micro-tablet" iPhone with greatly improved capabilites somewhere about double the price of the top iPhone model.


re: How Much

i'd be surprised if it was just 10%

i think Apple a well aware that there's a recession, but they're equally aware that some of us will make the cuts in our yearly spending elsewhere (like food and heating) before we're prepared to consider not getting the latest model of iphone

mines the one with the RDF glow

Anonymous Coward

Better make it a good un

Hey Apple better make sure that the next iPhone is a great one.

Make sure we will not want a new replacement till at least 2012.

Just make this one perfect hardware wise.

Think you are creating the Technics SL 1210.

Charles Manning


After 18 month, surely most of the people that want an AT&T iphone would have one by now. Sure there will be upgrades and replacements but the market does saturate after a while.


Just announce the new ones already

There are three of us here with contracts up waiting for the new iphone before considering other stuff (Pre maybe)

Scott F. Gunelius
Thumb Down

iPhone = Yes, AT&T = No

There are probably quite a few folks, at least here in the U.S., that want the iPhone, but not AT&T's crappy service/coverage. I'll keep holding my breath that another provider will offer it.

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