back to article Teenage hacking menace jailed for 11 months

A teenage hacker who ran a botnet of compromised machines and made fake 911 emergency calls has been jailed for 11 months, The Boston Herald reports. The 17 year-old, from Worcester, Massachusetts, referred to in court papers only by his initials DH or online nickname DShocker, confessed to using a botnet to run denial of …


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  1. raving angry loony


    11 months and probably a lucrative contract with some company when he gets out. I'm definitely in the wrong game here.

  2. Mothballs

    Come Uppance

    I'm sure he'll prove so popular in jail that he won't want to sit at a keyboard after his release - or sit anywhere for that matter. Result!

  3. Scott Evil

    Is it me or

    has hacking suddenly become so easy a teenager can cause such mischief on his home pc,or are these crackers simply geniuses and have amazing computer coding skill?

    If its so easy why the hell is it not stopped before it can cause such mischief or do poeple/security labs simply not give a shit?

    If they are geniuses why do they waste their skills being an utter bastard by robbing card details,causing server crashes or in this case wasting time with fake cop calls too and so on,when that genius could get an uber job being such a brainiac and live a good life?

    or am i missing something?

  4. Ap2134

    In the old days.....

    In the old days we used to send a dozen takeaway pizzas to a "rivals" house - this new method is somewhat extreme!

    Totally wrong but freaking hilarious!

  5. Anonymous Coward

    How long before....

    One of the top security firms offer the little scrotum a job... Honestly, this has to stop!

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Hope he enjoyed the swat team to his home

    Maybe a like time in chokey will change his attitude. Wonder if he will get a juvenile or adult facility? It won't be pleasant either one.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    It's kinda funny...

    ...sounds like he actually had skills he could have used to profit considerably, but instead he just pissed people off on IRC.

    So, jackass for wanting to do it, jackass for wasting the skills, and jackass for getting caught. I won't lay heavy odds on him being offered a job in IT security when he gets out...

  8. James O'Brien


    "ISPs targeted by these attacks included Charter Communications, Road Runner, and Comcast, among others."

    Your telling me that (and I really cant speak about Charter here) these companies, who make 10's-100's of MILLIONS of DOLLARS cant have security that will foil a 17yo? Yet they can trial Phorm-like add serving and bandwidth caps all to get a few more $$'s? Seriously WTF?

    Not to mention he only got 11 months? If this was any other country he would either be facing extreme hacking charges and extradition to the US or have his hands cut off for this offense....I give up on this country.

    /Wanted nice loving UK family to sponsor me in their country for citizenship. All I need is good beer, good food and a roof. Please?

  9. David


    "He obtained his victims' phone numbers and addresses after breaking into the systems of their ISP and looking up subscriber records. ISPs targeted by these attacks included Charter Communications, Road Runner, and Comcast, among others."

    These damn techo wizard kidz whats wrong with a phone book, would have been 1 less charge to deal with :D

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    What - no job?

    Nice to see the trend of rewarding teen hackers with high paying security jobs being ignored. Well done Boston.

  11. kain preacher Silver badge

    @James O'Brien

    This was in the US. Unless some moved Worcester, Massachusetts, to the UK.

    He was tried as a Juvenal. At 17 should of tried him as an adult and add 0 to that sentence. 110 months

  12. Chris C

    Travesty of justice

    This piece of shit made fake 911 calls, and all he got was a pathetic eleven months? I'm sorry, but that's not justice. His actions endangered the lives of not only those people who were "visited" by the SWAT teams, but people in real emergencies while the emergency personnel's time was wasted with these fake emergencies. No, this goes beyond the "I was bored" argument. This was plain and simple maliciousness and disregard for human life and real emergencies. Life is too good for this scum.

  13. Moss Icely Spaceport
    Paris Hilton


    That's appropriate.

    He sure sounds like a Dick Head to me.

    Paris, well, you know....

  14. Sooty


    "Totally wrong but freaking hilarious!"

    everything apart from the 'swatting' which is tantamount to attempted murder. 11 months is a joke for something like that. If swat turn up to a 'hostage situaltion' they will shoot first at anything suspicious (ie holding something that could be mistaken for a gun, which is pretty much anything)

  15. Coruscating Frenzy

    @kain preacher

    "He was tried as a Juvenal"

    Couldn't they wait until he was Ovid the age of criminal responsibility?

    Mine's the toga with the tablets.

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