back to article GPS drives father to murder

A man in North America shot his five children dead before turning the gun on himself after GPS technology helped him to discover that his wife was cheating on him. With a little help from his daughter, James Harrison, a casino security guard from the Deer Run mobile home park in Tacoma, Washington, exploited GPS technology on …


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Never any excuse

There is never any excuse for doing something like that to your kids.

I can only hope that towards the end he realised how much of an idiot he'd been getting his revenge on his wife by killing their kids.


Is anyone else...

... getting a little tired of these 'so and so killed someone' because of/ aided by a piece of technology appearing on Reg?

It's in pretty bad taste when you consider the fact that this is a tech website which has no relevance really to the stories, and that people are given the chance to comment. Of which there are always bad taste ones. Reg, I think you need to reconsider this practice.

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I quite like these tales of woe and gore- especially if TomTom did it.

Here are some more upcoming headlines:

Man kills self waiting on Vista to shutdown.

Boy eats hand because of new Facebook-based worm.

All good stuff.


Guns are good

in America. They have a Constitution that permits them to be heavily armed , ready for the British when they invade again.

A few thousand of the citizens kill more thousands of their fellow citizens each year, but that appears to be an acceptable price to pay for keeping the British away.

God bless Amecaa.

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