back to article In-car Twittering on the rise?

OnStar recently denied it was designing an in-car gadget for voice-activated Twittering from behind the wheel. But such a gadget could well prove handy, because it’s been discovered that Tweeting on the move is an alarmingly common driver activity. Insurance firm Esure recently "monitored" - interesting ramifications for …


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So the dream of the web - where everyone comes together and learns from each other - becomes a nightmare as information of any value is replaced by worthless lines and irrelevant promotional messages.

I'd like to know about the feasibility of a parallel web, one without the continual selling, the need to be SEO optimised and competition for search engine eye time, the continual exposure to blogs, twits, forums and message boards. One where simple, plain, empirical information is available for viewing by all.

And no, this is not a bit of guff for wikipedia.

Paris Hilton

In car!!!!

'In car twittering' are these people really that dense.

Stop twattering and start concentrating on your driving.

Unless it is your intention to commit murder, spend a long time in prison, only see your families by visitation only, then please carry on.

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