back to article Denon spins out vinyl-to-MP3 turntable

However you try and package it, ancient, scratch-prone vinyl just ain’t hip. So digitise those decades-old discs with Denon’s time-travelling turntable. Denon_DP200USB Denon's DP-200USB: turns vinyl into MP3 The ION-style DP-200USB “fully automatic” turntable’s most appealing feature is that it’ll convert your analogue …


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Surely some mistake, why take something as good as vinyl and convert it to crappy (and ancient) MP3?

WAV, FLAC, WMA Pro, MP3HD please.... How can you expect people to take this product seriously?


Vinyl not hip?

If vinyl isn't fashionable then why do all the latest bands insist their records are issued on 7 inch and 12 inch? Ironically vinyl sales are the only physical music media that are showing strong growth!

Most of these USB turntables have pretty poor pickups. Far better to get a proper turntable and hook it into a professional quality soundcard. Soundblasters etc are no good as their analogue inputs simply can't reproduce the full audio spectrum usually rolling off the bottom end. My own vinyl transfers were enhanced greatly when I started to use a decent soundcard.


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