back to article Cisco shells out $105m for Tidal

That didn't take long. Networking giant and server wannabee Cisco Systems has forked over $105m in cash and retention incentives to acquire Tidal Software, a privately held maker of job scheduling, application performance management, and IT process automation tools known collectively as Intersperse. Earlier this week, we …


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Virtually Remote Space Claims ....... on the Network Gold SwitchBack RailRoad Ride *

"but this is the IT space, where everyone is smarter than everyone else and are therefore entitled to more.

Cisco says that it expects the acquisition to close in the company's fiscal 2009 fourth quarter (which ends in July), subject to the usual regulatory approvals. The Tidal Software products will be tucked up underneath Cisco's Advanced Services organization, the company says. This is the part of Cisco that sells services (as distinct from products) to manage applications, virtualization on servers, networks, security, and other aspects of the IT environment."


The Cisco Advanced Services organisation is yet another IT space, where ideally, none are smarter, and therefore presumably everyone can entitle themselves to whatever is needed .... by sharing their Smarts to Justify the Proposition..... and Coincidentally Rendering More as Probably also Less, which would be Perfectly in Keeping with the IT Market in Quantum Fields.

Although at that level of the Game, Money per Se is not even a Consideration other than as an Artificial Tool and Bauble to Beguile/AIdDongle to Dangle and which Attracts Third Party Inward Investment. Find One of those Players and IT is Game, Set and Love Match for All Grand Slamming Tournaments ...... for then have you Discovered a Priceless Asset which can be Easily Bought but Never Sells Out the Remote Purchase.

* Infinite Improvability Improbability Driver Course.

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