back to article PS3 firmware update to add text chat

The PlayStation 3’s latest firmware update – version 2.70 - will be crammed with some juicy features for gamers, including “Text Chat” and a video backup option. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from Sony described Text Chat as a way for you to communicate online with PlayStation Network friends. …


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Anonymous Coward

It's already out.

There are some other noticeable tweaks.

Much faster comparison of trophies, and when comparing trophies, if the other person has never played the game, it now shows - rather than 0% (meaning they are not really crap, they don't own the game!)

Downloads now show an ETA.

XMB seems to have been sped up a little ingame,

The web browser seems to have been improved again, faster it seems.

Thats all I initially noticed, i'm sure there are more, there always is loads of undocumented tweaks... The Text chat is actually very neat, it works well and does what it says on the tin, you can have upto 3 seperate chats on the go with people on your list.

Whilst it's not Voice Chat like the 360 has, it's getting there, there is hardly any difference these days to what the PS3 offers and what the 360 offers (aside from the £40 a year Xbox cost obviously..)

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