back to article Logica snaffles police database deal

Public sector specialist Logica has won a seven-year £75.6m contract to build and maintain the Police National Database. The database is being created as a result of the Bichard Report into the Soham murders. Ian Huntley was convicted of the murders in 2003 and Bichard found he had previously "come to the attention of the …


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Anonymous Coward

Good luck to the police

Logica supply our IT systems & a helpdesk. They're alright, though there are many niggly little things that never seem to get resolved. And sometimes they seem to muddle along.


Cobblers !!!!!

They can't even 'coordinate' their phones or telephone call logging Statistics !!!!

Same as Europe can't 'coordinate' a standard toilet seat size.

Laughable scandalous waste of MY money.

It'll NEVER happen.

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