back to article Intel clears Core i7 Xeon 5500 for landing

After Monday's roll-out of Intel's long-awaited Xeon 5500 family, The Reg sat down with a pair of Intel honchos at the company's Santa Clara, California, headquarters and asked, "What took you so long?" After all, Intel's Core i7 high-end desktop processors, based on the same new Nehalem microarchitecture, went on sale over …


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Anonymous Coward

3500s and Turbo Boost

The article infers that the Turbo Boost feature is exclusive to the 5500s, but this isn't the case.

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Paris Hilton

will be interesting to compare with latest AMD Shanghai 2384

we've got an eval box with twin Shanghai 2384HE processors, and are hoping to get a dual L5520 to compare.

I feel very sorry for AMD right now.

Paris, because she knows what it's like to have the whole world see what's inside.

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