back to article Ultra-quiet MSI all-in-one PC blows in

MSI has unveiled its latest all-in-one PC, a touch-sensitive 19in machine with a “fashionable and glassy” frame. MSI_Wind_Top_AE1900_01 MSI's Wind Top AE1900: has a touch-sensitive screen Underneath the Wind Top - a name decidedly reminiscent of MSI rival Asus' Eee Top - has a “glassy” frame you’ll find Intel’s ultra-low …


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Gates Halo

Looks really nice but.....

... I wonder what OS it will have.....

XP? How quaint! Will M$ ever be able to kill it off?

A Linux variant, tweaked to support a touch screen? Unlikely.

Vista? Probably not - too heavy for that hardware.

Guess we'll have to wait and see.

(Saint Bill as he is the likely winner here)

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