back to article NEC gives up on global PC sales

NEC Corp declared over the weekend its intention to retreat from the PC market in the Asia-Pacific region and concentrate solely on domestic sales in Japan, following the firm’s decision to quit the computer biz in EMEA last month. The ailing tech vendor warned it would report a net loss of 290bn yen ($2.96bn) for its fiscal …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another example industry consolidation

    This is another example of the IT industry wide consolidation a yield of competitive dynamics and the squeeze caused by the economic environment?

    Much more to come probably . . .

    Be interesting to see how Acer, HP, Samsung and Dell fare in the Japanese market over time . . .



  2. Stephen

    Oh well.

    NEC are not the best company to do business with in Europe I must admit. We found their notebooks to be unreliable (all of them ended up being prone to HD faults) and their Warranty Support was the worst I had ever seen.

    When replacing a laptop hard drive that was on "Next Business Day" Warranty, it took them 4 weeks to get the replacement drive and finally get it to us. ("subject to part availability" being their get-out clause for any delay, they probably sourced the parts from Japan for all we know)

    Needless to say we preferred doing business with Dell, Toshiba and Acer after that. Dell's support is good enough, Toshiba and Acer? Never had to ring theirs for a laptop fault.

  3. Goat Jam

    Wow, NEC, now that's a blast from the past

    Maybe they pulled out of Aus long ago, but I haven't seen a NEC pc since the 386 days. I'd even forgotten that they are (were) a player.

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