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Space shuttle Discovery landed (see pic) this evening at Kennedy Space Centre marking the end of its STS-119 mission to the ISS. Discovery touches down. Pic: NASA Returning to Earth were commander Lee Archambault, pilot Tony Antonelli, mission specialists Joseph Acaba, John Phillips, Steve Swanson, Richard Arnold plus former …


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ISS spotting

Now the ISS has all four pairs of solar panels installed, it's a spectacular site in the early evening... catch a pass near you, it's pretty dang cool even if it /is/ high to see details without a proper telescope. It's hard to miss at magnitude -2 or so (the lower the mag number, the brighter a pass is.)

If you're geographically challenged as I am, you might need to print off a Google Maps page of your location and line up landmarks with a compass so you know which direction to look in.

Space aliens, because... er... they, like come from space, too, right?


World Record

Until about an hour before landing there were 13 people in orbit. The most ever, and no immediate prospect of being surpassed.

Pathetic really after nearly 50 years of manned spaceflight.


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