back to article EMC offers Quantum solace

EMC has given struggling tape, disk and deduplication vendor Quantum a sorely-needed $100m financial lifeline. Quantum will use the cash to refinance its convertible debt, which dates back to 2003. A different credit line, Quantum's senior debt, was used to finance the ADIC acquisition for almost $800m in May 2006. As of …


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Stick a fork in Quantum already......

Being a former customer of the Quantum/Adic DXi technology, I find it hard to believe that QTM still manages to keep their doors open. Their deduplication technology is slow. They have been the staple that proves that post-process deduplication is a far inferior solution when compared to inline solutions.

This loan, I believe, is merely the first step in the usual EMC dance. They will help keep the lights on at QTM until they have either found a replacement solution for the DXi product line or they have raped QTM for whatever technology rights they are after. In the end though, I have a feeling that there aren't enough fingers left at QTM to be able to plug all of the holes in the hull of their sinking ship.

Technology buyers beware: Remember this: When buying technology, more often than not, you get what you pay for. There is a very sound reason why EMC is just throwing QTM technology at their potential customers at little to no additional cost......It's Broken! They have a product line that is mid-level at best. Beware of the "Free Elephant!" You'll still have feed it to clean up after it in the end, and this elephant has been eating fiber enriched food.......Draw your own conclusion.

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