back to article More videogames for girls, demands psychologist

Videogames have long been associated with the development of visual-spatial skills in youngsters. But one researcher has warned that a lack of female-friendly titles could be putting girls at a disadvantage. In a recent study conducted by Michigan State University, Linda Jackson, a Professor of Psychology at MSU, confirmed the …


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hang on

There are, and always have been games aimmed at the females, but most choose not to buy them. OK most of these games are on the DS, and a bit cheap. "lets make it pink" springs to mind. So you can see why developers arent making a special effort, unless there is a hairdressing game coming out on the Wii

Games shouldnt be gender specific anyway, its up to them to find what they like, and play it!

Thumb Down


Why is it that i know a fair few gamers who are girls, you get the same kind of diversity in girl gamers as you do guys and to be fair the % of girls to guys has grown ALOT.

So why do we need girl specific games? I mean seriously would this not be extremely sexist I know lots of girls who play COD, UT, WOW and all the other games out there.

So why the hell does a psychologist who probally doesn't know or didn't research the gaming community to any degree have to come out with a comment thats both retarded and not thought out?

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