back to article Nude Oz politico snaps a 'con'

Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph has apologised to right-wing Oz politician Pauline Hanson over the publication of nude photographs it claimed were of the One Nation party founder, admitting the whole thing was "one giant con". The paper obtained the snaps from former army commando* Jack Johnson, who said they were taken during a …


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  1. Graham Marsden


    ... The Hitler Diaries

    ... Pictures of "British servicemen" pi$$ing on Iraqi prisoners

    ... Photos of Aussie politicians in the nuddy...

    You'd think the Papers would be a bit more dilligent about checking the authenticity of this stuff *before* they stuck it into print...

  2. Tom


    No, I wouldn't. The story fit the meme to put "the right candidate" in office, and they kept it alive just long enough to swing the election. The timing tells all. The news print media can't figure out why they keep losing circulation even though they keep pulling this kind of crap. If they sold a decent product, they'd make money. Internet newsies like this are great for long distance communications, and even better for the feedback from real live people, but when I get on the train in the morning, I want a good old fashioned newspaper in my hand, not a clunky laptop with a wi-fi card, or a too small PDA. There is no more convenient quick scan communication system than news print, with fair information density for the weight. But the information has to be good, and not constantly slanted by political ideology, especially when it's the "hard" news.

  3. Luther Blissett

    "She failed in her bid for election as an independent"

    The lie worked then.

  4. Jim Carter

    "It's a simple assumption that nobody knows..."

    Or am I getting my Johnsons mixed up?

  5. dodge

    Surely he should appologise for being a tacky media whore

    I don't get it:

    > "I have said all week I'd be the first person in Australia to apologise to

    > Pauline Hanson if it were proven the photographs were not of her. We've

    > proven it ourselves, so Pauline, I'm sorry."

    Shouldn't he be appologising for publishing very old nude pictures of someone taken decades before they entered public life, and completely unrelated to their political aspirations, and absolutely not of news or public interest value?

    Shouldn't he be appologising for being a tacky whore? Appologising for being editor of a publication too lazy and greedy to do proper checks? Oh well. C'est la vie su le monde.

  6. John Smith Gold badge

    Could just as easily have happened here.

    A little Photoshop and even her Wackiness could have a deeply embarrasing past.


    Perhaps not.

  7. Dennis

    Re: Could just as easily have happened here

    Oh noooooooooooooooo.

    Why did you suggest this?

    I just thought of a "prudence" sandwich.

    I'm going to need therapy.

  8. Chris Matchett
    Dead Vulture

    Noodz or GTFO

    El Reg standards must be slipping

  9. Graham Marsden


    "The news print media can't figure out why they keep losing circulation even though they keep pulling this kind of crap."

    I think you meant "because they keep pulling this kind of crap"!

  10. John Smith Gold badge


    "a "prudence" sandwich."

    At first I could not think what form of deviation you meant by this.

    Then I could.

    That is quite disturbing.

    However was it not El Reg that reported her Wackinesse's winning a poll amongst worshippers of Sappho (Diva magazine?) as "The straight women we'd most like to go to bed with?"

    Add the partner of your choice, fantasise when necessary and repeat as often as you like.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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