back to article National Semiconductor goes green(er)

Analog chipmaker National Semiconductor took another step towards repositioning itself a green-technology heavyweight when it announced Friday that it had acquired Act Solar, a Santa Clara, California company specializing in power optimization of solar-cell arrays. By doing so, Nat Semi muscled up its SolarMagic solar-power …


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PV = Good

Lead acid storage = Bad.

It only really works if the panels are connected to the grid on an in / out reciprocal arrangement. If not, then the green plus is lost to the green negative of disposal of lead and acid.

Just my tupp'orth

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There are a lot of "financial" companies flogging P-V investment opportunities in France at the moment due to EDF being forced by to buy 15%(?) of their electricity from renewables.

Not only does this seem pretty dumb in a country where 85% of generating capacity is nuclear and a further 10% hydo, but the figures being bandied about as to the annual generating capacity of a fixed sourth facing panel inclined at ~25 deg are frankly absurd.

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