back to article Dell pipelines Adamo netbook?

A smaller version of Dell’s swish Adamo designer laptop could be in the works, according to one of the firm’s own support documents. Adamo_9in_screengrab_02 Is a 9in Adamo is the works at Dell's HQ? Image courtesy Engadget Adamo was officially launched yesterday as a 13.4in laptop, but a screen grab of what’s said to be a …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Dell will only ship and support under 64 bit Vista. It's the same for their Studio XPS systems.

    Disaster. To advanced for the software vendors.

    Adobe don't support Photoshop or Premier elements under 64 bit Vista, Sony don't support Vegas Movie Studio. In fact, most suppliers don't support their domestic versions of software under Vista 64 bit.

    There are very few native 64 bit applications - Office 2007, Open Office etc. are all 32 bit. Even anti-virus software is 32 bit native. This is "may" be OK, but you get worse performance.

    Dell want to compete with Apple, a 9 inch version would be something Apple dont' have. Alas, they don't control the software like Apple do. Initially customers will be happy with their new toys, then they will try and get software to use on them and it'll be all tears...

  2. Brian Miller

    Link incorrect

    The Adamo link at the top goes to a phone review. I was going to check it out because I like the look in the photo of the adamo....

  3. Henry Wertz Gold badge

    What, no 22" laptop?

    "It’s also worth noting that the image refers to a 'Studio One 22', which has led many folk to believe that Dell’s also preparing a 22in model for its all-in-one PC range."

    Oh, no, you don't think it's just a 22" laptop? That'd be SO convenient hahaha

    As for Vista, they really should just make an Ubuntu option for this machine. It seems like Microsoft never did get the 64-bit OSes sorted. With every 64-bit Linux distro I've seen.. drivers are completely in parity (anything that works with 32-bit Linux will work with 64-bit). Since most apps are compiled (by the distro maker, or by yourself if you're using gentoo or something) there's no 64-bit compatibility worries. And if you've got a 32-bit binary-only app, every distro I've seen has a 32-bit compatibility package, install 1 package and your 32-bit apps are all happy. Probably if Dell shipped it they could just pre-install that compatibility package. I've used a few 64-bit linux boxes (AMD, Intel, SPARC, PA-RISC, PowerPC, and Alpha). Only the AMD and Intel had real flash and a decent speed with qemu, other than that I really would be hard pressed to tell which was which if the machine was hidden under a desk and I was just using the keyboard, mouse, and monitor (with out cheating and running "cat /proc/cpuinfo" or whatever).

  4. E

    Very pretty machine

    It is ridiculous expensive though. Dell is not competing here with Apple, Dell is competing with Sony Viao.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Doomed

    Adobe Photoshop CS4 is 64 bit native and Sony Vegas Pro 8.1 is 64 bit so I would expect the consumer versions to follow.

    A few (minor) parts of Office 2007 are 64 bit (One note filter for example).

  6. Vince

    @AC and 64-bit

    Well hey, vendors better wake up, 64-bit is where we're going. So less excuses, and more re-writes of shoddy code into credible 64-bit apps please. Oh wait, hang on, they'll just "bodge" to 64-bit too... grrr...

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Doomed

    "Adobe Photoshop CS4 is 64 bit native and Sony Vegas Pro 8.1 is 64 bit so I would expect the consumer versions to follow."

    No - they'll assume people who can afford / choose to run 64 bit have more money or are "professional" and will not bother with the consumer versions in order to differentiate (i.e. charge more for 64 bit system performance).

    Dell are acting prematurely here; perhaps under M$ pressure.

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