back to article Game creator slams Wii MotionPlus

A videogame developer will not support the Wii's upcoming MotionPlus peripheral because the add-on “didn’t really add anything” to gameplay, it claimed. Nintendo Wii Motion Plus Nintendo's plug-on MotionPlus cube: improves sensitivity? It was thought that MotionPlus - a small unit that plugs onto the end of the Remote and …


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Anonymous Coward

Sure is

Sure is inflamatory headlines around here. They said it didn't add anything to their shooter title. That's hardly "slamming" anything.

I don't feel that owning a high powered sports car would add anything to my drive to work. Did I just "slam" sports cars?


Wii on Me

They should give these away for free because the control accuracy is so sub standard anyway, it should have been designed better in the first place. I kind of feel like the wii pulls the the wool over peoples eyes as all the games are sub standard with gfx to match. The controls are flaky at best.

Also this add-on doesn't look like it'll fit into my WII gun either, another flaw.

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