back to article UK extends VAT crackdown as EU OKs cut-rate cobblers

The EU has given the green light to the UK to extend its reverse charge VAT scheme aimed at cracking down on carousel fraud. The two year extension to the UK's efforts to claw back VAT on alleged dodgy mobile phone and computer chip deals came at a meeting of European finance ministers that also OK'd a raft of VAT changes to …


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  1. Eddie Edwards
    Dead Vulture

    Say what now?

    "Then again, that does seem like peanuts when compared to the billions being used to prop up the UK's banking sector."

    Erm, yes, let's not worry about our income when our outgoings are so large!!!

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Personal services also scored a potential VAT reduction, with the ministers giving their blessing to cuts on "domestic care services such as home help and care of young, elderly, sick or disabled" as well as hairdressing.

    Oh good, my gigilo will be cheaper, yipeeee

  3. Britt Johnston
    IT Angle

    no VAT back on cutting and pasting

    No explicit mention of such central activities, so I guess IT services are excluded.

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