back to article Health department data practices are sick, frowns ICO

The Department of Health has been told by the Information Commissioner's Office and the British Medical Association to improve the way it looks after patients' records. The ICO issued a formal practice recommendation to the Department on Monday. It is the second time the ICO has imposed formal recommendations on the DoH - last …


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Anonymous Coward


The BMA are hypocrites, they have collaborated in making our medical records easily searchable by the state, and now when the state starts to do what they have clearly been planning to do with this facility they call foul. Face it medics -- you are no different to council dog-shit spies.

Paris Hilton

Must Get Round to Opting Out

I must get round to actually opting out of the Summary Care Records.

I downloaded the form (PDF), printed it out (it's a single page), and filled it in. But I haven't got round to sending it to my GP surgery. I was umming and erring about whether to post it with a letter explaining why I was sending it, or whether to take it in person instead. I was also being lazy and just not getting around to it, too, though. Think I'll write a letter and post it. I just find it easier to explain things in writing, and I certainly want my GP surgery to know why I'm opting out - Big Brother.

As for the following:-

"The data regulator found some good central practises but was concerned that these were not followed locally."

I can already see that being used as the basis for government spin/propaganda in support of further centralisation, the NHS Care Records Service, etc.

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